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I became a stylist by chance, and keep it real by choice.


I grew up in Canby, Oregon. A small rural town that loved it’s high school football team. At 25, I found myself working at a desk job and I hated it!  I knew the perfect career was out there for me, I just had to go find it. Being a hairstylist didn’t cross my mind at first. My husband and many family members brought up the idea to me. So I dove in before I could change my mind and it was the best decision I ever made! 


I love this industry because it allows me to do the things I love; be social and connect with others and make my guests feel beautiful, inside and out. I also like the flexibility this industry brings. I became a mom four years ago and I am able to spend quality time with my son every week. Soon he will be off to school and I can adjust my schedule with his changing world. I love being there to support him. 


I continue to educate myself so I can bring quality work to my guests and keep my skills sharp. I believe there is more to this job than just hair. I love being a part of my guests lives. Mentoring and supporting each other through all the different struggles and celebrations life can bring us. That is a huge part of the relationships we build together. 



Fun fact: I bet you never thought I’d say I’m a goat owner! This has been quite the learning experience. Everyone loves to hear the entertaining stories. There is a lot more to goat raising than you think. But that is a whole other topic. 


I believe in having fun at work and all things you do in life. You should love what you do for a living and I do. I have fun when I am at work and I get to do the things that make me happy. Be with beautiful people, build lasting relationships and have a blast!


If you're ready to have a wonderful experience and build a great relationship, lets make a connection. Book an appointment today! I can't wait to see you in my chair, beautiful!

~ Heather

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